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Fortune Healthcare offers supported accommodation services at Kingsthorpe, Northampton. We treat our service users to feel these houses as their warm and safe homely atmosphere to reside and enjoy their time. Single bedroom accommodation is provided for each service user and 24 hours support by trained staff. The home is equipped with central heating and fire alarms. We are investing in Assistive Technology to make sure that our service users are safe and risk managed with increased choice, safety, independence and sense of control.


Service users are eligible for the service if they have a mental health issue and able to live in a supported accommodation.

Fortune Healthcare offers supported living accommodation for

  1. People who are aged 18 years or more.
  2. Have been assessed by the CCGs and Local Authorities as eligible for services under the 2014 Care Act, or have similar needs and can pay for their own support.
  3. Have the means to pay the rent or are eligible for Housing Benefit.



We provide a variety of activity programmes to entertain our service users and keep them engage with some sort of activities based on the individual’s ability to perform these tasks following risk assessments conducted by our trained staff.

Indoor entertainment includes satellite television, compact disc player, videos/DVD, board games, karaoke machine, bingo, darts and other therapeutic activities.

We also provide support service users many other off site activities like Day centre, rehabilitation centres, educational, training facilities to develop their social skills and lead them getting back into work, if desired.


Staff Support

The amount of staff support depends on needs of service users, and can be anything from a few hours a week, up to full-time support or intensive support over a short period of time to help achieve a goal. We also encourage peer support as much as possible, where mutual support and a shared journey empowers people to make the changes and learn together.

We, as a provider, highly experienced and competent in assessing the complex needs, Mental Capacity, risk assessed and developing a person centred care plan and also contingency plan involving service users, family and multi-disciplinary team to minimise the risk factors and positive risk taking to promote individuals independency to be able to live their normal life in the community. The team will identify any mental and physical health problems and review them on a daily basis in order to prevent any relapse or inappropriate admissions. Our key priority is to safe guard our service users and to advocate for them in all aspects of their needs.


All our policies and procedure and other documents are also available on request.


Please contact care on call to discuss your individual in-home care needs on a no-obligation basis.

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